Apollo Under Fire - Apollo Under Fire

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Apollo Under Fire
Apollo Under Fire
Cavigold Records/EMP Label Group
Apollo Under Fire is a newly formed band by singer & songwriter Donald Carpenter (Eye Empire) and guitarist Peter Klett (Candlebox). They also have Jimmy Kwong (SoulSwitch) on guitars, Tom Costanza on drums and Stu Cox on bass. Unlike what one might think, the guys do not copy themselves by playing the music they play with their “established” bands; instead they go for something deeper and more emotional. Donald likes to call it “spiritual rock”, as he told me. I couldn’t agree more with that as it does have a “spiritual” side and a mellow rocking one. Moreover, add various soft, modern & acoustic elements and probably a quite few southern touches to that and you get an idea of what AUF is all about.
Donald also told me that the tracks on the album are personal and deep stories of his journey that he had written over the years and wanted to release them at some point. The time & the place was right so that the guys could accompany him and here we have Apollo Under Fire, a band as Donald claims and not just another music project.
All the tracks are overwhelmed by emotions and nice melodies. I think that’s exactly what AUF had in mind to deliver and they did it wonderfully. Donald is impressive as always and this kind of music allows him to sound even more expressive than in the past. The album was produced & mixed by Peter. The production is smooth & full.
“Apollo Under Fire” is an album that’s full of emotions. Every track tells a story which talks to your heart and affects you in its own peculiar way. I won’t go on a track by track review, but it would be rather interesting to read Donald’s ‘analysis’ about each track. You may feel even more connected to some specific tracks… be sure about it! I’d like to see how Apollo Under Fire will evolve over the years and I do wish they make it cuz we need new bands that follow their own path without following music trends. Apollo Under Fire will take you to quite a journey with their debut… so if you fancy melodic, acoustic & mellow rock music do not bypass this release.