Aphrodite’s Child - It’s Five O’Clock

Aphrodite’s Child It’s Five O’Clock cover
Aphrodite’s Child
It’s Five O’Clock
Polydor Records
Having reviewed Aphrodite’s Child debut some time ago, I promised I would be back soon to deal with their other two albums.
I said some time ago (when I wrote the review of Aphrodite’s Child’s debut) that I would be back, reviewing also their other two albums. So, it seems that the time to present the second album of the band has come at last. Leaving behind all the historical references about the band and how it was formed (you can read those things in the “The End of the World” review), I will only focus on the music part of this album.
In the year 1969 Aphrodite’s Child released their second album and that was only one year after the release of their debut “The End of the World”. The unbelievable success of their debut album “forced” the band to get back in the studio as soon as possible. Thus the three friends, Vangelis, Demis, and Lucas, traveled to London to record their next album entitled “It’s Five O’clock” in the Trident Studios.
The first single that was released in October 1969 from that album was “Let Me Love, Let Me Live”, which became number one in the French charts right away. The b-side track of that single was “Marie Jolie”, which mostly became popular in the rest of Europe. The homonymous song “It’s Five O’Clock” was released in December 1969, as the second single and it reached the top of many European charts. To tell you the truth, irrespective of all those songs that rose to the top of the charts, I must say that “It’s Five O’Clock” is a fantastic album that has the quality that only Aphrodite’s Child could offer us. No, I’m not exaggerating, but I’m only challenging you to listen to songs like the incredible atmospheric opener “It’s Five O’Clock”, the unique, lyrical “Annabella”, the hit “Let Me Love, Let Me Live”, the poetic “Wake Up” (which has a great lyrical concept), the memorable “Good Time, So Fine”, the catchy “Such a Funny Night” and the astonishing, romantic hymn “Marie Jolie”.
Well, we are not only talking about a very good album but for an album that marked (in the same way that all three albums of the band did) a whole generation and it will be loved by the fans of the art-prog-rock-pop-atmospheric-or whatever you call it music in the years to come! If you love music and you do not choose to listen to an album because of its heavy guitars or its fast drumming then you’ve just discovered a whole new world! Aphrodite’s Child is more than a good band as their albums are way ahead their time in terms of songwriting and inspiration! If you haven’t been convinced of what Aphrodite’s Child have offered musically and if those things I said above have not grabbed your attention and increased your lust for truly good, inspired and qualitative music, then you surely are missing a great part of the music history. Those who know already revel in the band’s music… It may or may not be “Five O’Clock”, but for sure it’s high time you discovered Aphrodite’s Child!

Line up:
Vangelis Papathanassiou - Keyboards, Bass
Demis Roussos - Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Lucas Sideras - Drums, Percussion

1. It’s Five O’Clock
2. Wake Up
3. Take Your Time
4. Annabella
5. Let Me Love, Let Me Live
6. Funky Mary
7. Good Time So Fine
8. Marie Jolie
9. Such a Funny Night