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Ape Shifter
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Ape Shifter is a new instrumental rock band that was formed by the US born guitarist Jeff Aug, who has released several albums so far but mostly instrumental acoustic guitar ones. Jeff has toured with the legendary Allan Holdsworth (R.I.P.), Soft Machine, Johnny A. and Albert Lee among others. He also holds the Guinness™ world record for the “most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours” twice (2009, 2012).
This time Jeff decided to deal with something more electric and intense and has the bass player Florian Walter and the drummer Kurty Munch by his side. The music on the homonymous album blends several music styles such as rock, stoner rock, hard rock, prog rock, alternative, atmospheric and so on. Most of the times Joe Satriani will cross your mind, but I wouldn’t leave acts like Dixie Dregs out of the game… just to give you a hint. The “strange thing” with the album is that it was recorded live in the studio, so there are no overdubs or “punch-ins”. That would justify the album’s production, which is good and loud, but not “flawless” in today’s standards. The album was recorded by Jurgen Schlachter at 36music in Leipheim, Germany, mixed by Alec Empire at The Hellish Vortex Studios in Berlin, Germany and mastered by Calyx in Berlin, Germany.
“Ape Shifter” mostly addresses the instrumental guitar rock lovers, who fancy the aforementioned artists/bands and are looking for something uncommon but refined at the same time. Do give it a listen, especially if you’re a guitarist yourself…