Antimatter - Fear of a Unique Identity

Antimatter Fear of a Unique Identity cover
Fear of a Unique Identity
Prophecy Productions
There must be hundreds of albums blending gothic, atmospheric, ambient, progressive, symphonic and melodic elements to accompany metal tunes, so why choose “Fear of a Unique Identity”? Obviously because musicians don’t always combine things suitably… which is not the case here, though.
Sweetly saddened by its song arrangements and deeply touched by absorbing lyrics, it’s only fair to say it is not an Anathema or Entwine like affair. They may move in a sort of similar territory but their work is not deprived in terms of originality whatsoever. Heartrending melodious orchestrations are entangled with harder sounds and the more demanding ears should inevitably be allured by the violin (David Hall), the backing female vocals (Vic Anselmo) and the great performances each and every member of the band gives. The songs are highly emotive and you have to be in a certain mood to get the best out of them. I’d rather not express any personal preferences over specific tracks as, truthfully, no fillers exist and none of their musical/lyrical approaches displeased me.
Antimatter had been away for five years and their fans kept on wondering whether there would be any new work in the future. “Fear of a Unique Identity” is worthy of attention. There’s no “love it or loath it”; even if this music genre isn’t your first choice, you can still be amazed by its certain cachet.