Anthriel - Transcendence

Anthriel Transcendence cover
Lion Music
Anthriel is a Finnish melodic prog metal band that was formed in 2004 and released their debut album “The Pathway” in 2010. It took them almost 7 years to come up with their sophomore release, entitled “Transcendence”, but that time gap doesn’t seem to have affected them, at least in the music part. Also, the band has two new members, Antti Horttana (Enthring, ex-Scythe Of Orion) on bass and Henrikki Markkula on drums.
The band mixes prog metal, prog rock, power metal, neoclassical music with atmospheric parts along with the apt doses of melody rather wonderfully. The performances are excellent and all the tracks have a kinda complex orchestration. The album has a powerful and lush production on the whole. Guitarist Timo Niemistö is responsible for the recordings and the production. Moreover, the album was mixed by Jussi Kulomaa (Dreamtale, Forces United, etc.) and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde (Sons Of Aeon, Ghost Brigade, Dark Buddha Rising, etc.).
It is more than evident that “Transcendence” is a great successor to the band’s debut and it is better in every part. That 7-year time-period has worked for the band’s own benefit in every part. Usually things work by contraries, but those who have the strength and the will to go on succeed in the end. Anthriel re-present themselves to the rock/metal scene and they seem to be ready not to miss a chance from this point on.
If you are open to actual progressive and special music and the blending of prog metal with prog rock, power metal, neoclassical, melodic and atmospheric music seems quite fascinating to you, then you had better check out Anthriel and you will be excited at long last. Closing, all I can say is that “Transcendence” is among the top melodic prog metal releases for 2017…