Another Lost Year - Alien Architect

Another Lost Year Alien Architect cover
Another Lost Year
Alien Architect
Mirage M’hal Records/EMP/eOne
Another Lost Year (aka ALY) is a newcomer from Charlotte, NC, US that has been going on since 2011. In 2012 they released their debut album “Better Days” and now, four years later, they have come up with their sophomore release entitled “Alien Architect”.
The band, despite being young, has profoundly evolved all these years, they are more mature nowadays and that’s more than obvious if you listen to the new album. Sound-wise they blend modern hard rock, with several alternative, post-grunge and even some modern pop/rock elements without becoming too soft or cheesy at any point though. They have been compared to Breaking Benjamin but I think they are way heavier and more vigorous than BB in every part. They may have some BB influences but honestly BB wish they could have such guitar solos on their tracks! Moreover, the production is powerful, heavy & modern. Like on the debut, the guys had the help of Jose Urquiza (3 Years Hollow) to produce, mix and engineer the album. Great work on every part.
The two videos for “Wolves” and “We All Die Alone” may have gotten people’s attention the most but other highlights on the album are: “Bastard Sons” (which features Jose Urquiza), “Run the Tank Out”, “This is Life”, “He Took Beautiful Away” & “Memories”. Especially “He Took Beautiful Away” is a supper catchy & radio-friendly mellow track and once you listen to it you can’t get it off your head. I really hope they release it as a video soon and do not be surprised if this track becomes a major hit over the next weeks/months. At any rate, Another Lost Year has made a strong entrance into the premier league with “Alien Architect” and I’m damn sure that this album will introduce them to a wider audience. Another Lost Year does have the talent & the potential to go further so if you’re into this kind of music do not leave “Alien Architect” out of your album collection.