Annihilator - Waking the Fury

Annihilator Waking the Fury cover
Waking the Fury
The band after a long time of experiments seemed to found its way with its previous release “Carnival Diablos”, something that is assured with the new record. The first song of the album grabs you from the neck and compels you to bang your head for the rest of the 50 minutes or so of the album! I doubt that there will be one who will listen to the album without moving to the rhythm of the songs.
Annihilator’s approach these days is thrashier, yet combining the needed melodic lines in order to have a tow on pure heavy metal. Jeff Waters’ capabilities with the guitar are known, and of course are present in this record too. Don’t expect to come up with the new “Alice in Hell” here, because you might be misled.
However the band seems to have been reborn from its ashes and produces really heavy riffing and excellent songs like “Striker” and “Nothing to Me” (not that the other songs are bad-the contrary!). Someone more keen to this thrashy sound might appreciate the album more, but for me (I am not the greatest thrash fan in the world) it is a...