Annihilator - All for You

Annihilator All for You cover
All for You
Avalon Online
As Jeff Waters has argued in a recent interview, Annihilator seems to have evolved to his personal project. He writes all the music, he changes the musicians in every album, he is responsible for everything. Here the singer has changed once more and Joe Comeau has been replaced by the unknown Dave Padden, who sounds like an emocore, nu-metal, metalcore everyday singer! What the hell!!! Wrong choice!! Shit vocals!!
Jeff has declared that this is Annihilator’s “Back in Black” in the sense that all tracks are great and can become classics. Not sure about that, however the album in general is OK. It’s kinda different and “stranger” than the last two very good albums, “Carnival Diablos” and “Waking the Fury”.
I can say that this new album showcases a modern metalcore influenced thrash side of the band… from technical parts to, thrash, metalocre, and from ballads to pure heavy metal. The blending is somewhat strange & way modern and I doubt if any old Annihilator fan will be thrilled by “All for You”. Here Jeff presents also two longer tracks (“Dr. Psycho” and “Both of Me”), which present one more mature side of songwriting for the band. This might be the weirdest, modern & weaker Annihilator album in general. Do note that the girl on the cover is our good-old friend Alice, who has grown up a little...