Angels of Babylon - Thundergod

Angels of Babylon Thundergod cover
Angels of Babylon
Scarlet Records
Second release for the band which was founded by the ex-Manowar drummer Kenny “Rhino” Earl in 2008. This time we do not have David Ellefson (Megadeth) on bass, as in the first releases, but we also have no info about the bassist according to the official press release. There’s a singer change as well. The band took the singer Diego Valdez (Electronomicon, Helker, Triddana). The guitarist Ethan Brosh is a part of this work too.
Angels of Babylon are very clear to what they offer. There are hardly any changes in their epic heavy metal style. Certainly, a singer change is also a point of interest. From my point of view, David Fefolt (Fifth Angel, Forgotten Realm etc.) was better concerning the band’s music. It’s not that Ethan ain’t a good vocalist but I think he’s not the proper voice for this band… but then again that’s my personal perspective. The production is way better than the first album and more powerful. Moreover, as Rhino stated, the track “Thundergod” is dedicated to Scott Columbus (R.I.P.). It is indeed a heavy dynamic & thunderous tune as this drummer was. Very good choice!
In the long run, “Thundergod” leaves much to be desired. The melodies ain’t strong & memorable, the heavy tunes are OK but kinda flat and in general there are a lot of things missing so as to call this release a great one. I’ve got the feeling that this is like a “solo” album and not a band release, if you know what I mean. I was hoping much from Rhino but I wasn’t satisfied in due course. He can obviously do better and let’s hope he will reconsider all those “variables” which didn’t work out well in the end and he will try to fix ‘em in the future…