Angeline - Disconnected

Angeline Disconnected cover
Avenue Of Allies
Angeline is a Swedish band that has been around for over 20 years. They formed back in 1987 and they tried hard to stay on the scene. They recorded and released a couple of mini LPs and due to some bad incidents they never made it, so they became a cover band before disappearing from the scene for several years. It took them 23 years to release their debut album but they finally made it and “Confessions” was released last year. Now they present their new album… two albums in a year or so… it’s really ironic… they didn’t managed to release a full length album in 23 years and they released two within a year.
Anyway, the band is playing really good (how could it be different after all those years?) and they seem to be influenced from the melodic rock/AOR scene together with some more modern rock elements. The album flows actually nice when you listen to it and everything has been done well. The songs are decent and I distinguished: “When the Lighs Go Down”, “Falling Into You”, “Take a little Time” (surely the best song of the album), “Run Run Run”, “Found” and “Solid Ground” as the finest tunes of “Disconnected”. The album was produced by the band's guitarist and it has a very rock and powerful production. The mastering of the album was done by Björn Engelmann (Stage Dolls, Wig Wam, Within Temptation, Williams/Friestedt).