Andy Rock - This Time

Andy Rock This Time cover
Andy Rock
This Time
Lions Pride Music
Wild Rose guitarist Andy Rock is back with his second solo album. His debut solo was released in 2012. In the meantime, he released several albums and gave various live shows with Wild Rose. Andy plays all the instruments here apart from the drums; he has also chosen not to handle the vocals by himself but get an actual singer, so the great David Saylor sings on the album.
Andy is a very good songwriter and with a voice like Saylor’s the fans will be utterly gratified by the final outcome. Andy mixed and produced the new album at Evo Studios, Macedonia, Hellas. Apart from Saylor on vocals, there are also Chris Siloma on backing vocals & choirs as long as ex-Wild Rose member Vaggelis Domanos on drums & percussion. The production is quite good & clear on the whole.
It’s true that Andy knows how to create certain AOR “atmospheres” on the album and he has a good sense of melodies and catchy hooks. Several tracks deserve some airplay and a few tracks could have easily been featured on a Wild Rose album. “This Time” is a melodious well-crafted AOR album that will please the fans of the genre, so do not think twice… if you fancy Wild Rose, then try out Andy’s newest full-length release and bask in it…
PS: Unfortunately, David Antonio Saylor passed away on Jan 2nd, 2017. He will be totally missed. He was a great singer and a great man in general. May He Rest In Peace…