Andy Martongelli - Spiral Motion

Andrea Martongelli Spiral Motion cover
Andy Martongelli
Spiral Motion
Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Andy Martongelli is the guitarist of the metal band Arthemis. Taking a break from his main band, Andy decided to record and release his first solo work. Well, there’s not much to guess here. We have a guitarist that has a solo album out… so it has to be a guitaristic, instrumental album with lots of “show-off” moments, shredding and all the fancy things guitarists fancy. That’s how a typical guitar-album should be like. And in truth to be told, all the guitarists in the world do exactly the same thing by hook or by crook!
The guests on “Spiral Motion” are the guitarists Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro), Dave Reffet (Guitar World Magazine), Alex Stornello (Angels & Demons) on the track “Cyber-Hammer of the Gods” and Dave Martone on the track “Bite the Bullet”, the keyboardist Massimo Pirotti on “Screaming Ninja” & “Dark Days” and the drummer Paolo Caridi on “Screaming Ninja”. Apart from the guest appearances along with Andy there are the guitarist Andy Martongelli, the bassist Brendan Farrugia, the drummer Corrado Rontani and the two keyboardists Enrico Marchiotto & Franz Bazzani (only on “Infected-Garbage-Blues” and “Cyber-Hammer of the Gods”). The album was produced by Andy himself and it has a super heavy & tight sound.
“Spiral Motion” is a bloody solid album with great performances on the whole. I think that the top moment is the slow, melodious & melancholic “Dark Days”. Gary Moore is the greatest teacher of all, when it comes to such tracks. Those tracks showcase how much “feeling” a guitarist can put into his own compositions… apart from the fast, fancy shredding leads. Assuredly, the guitarists will relish this album better than any other, as it ain’t a secret that guitaristic albums firstly address guitarists.