Andy Gunn - Miracle of Healing

Andy Gunn Miracle of Healing cover
Andy Gunn
Miracle of Healing
Market Square Records
Andy Gunn is a Scottish guitarist, who has been around for some time now blending the old-time blues with the modern age. “Miracle of Healing” is his new album which was self-released in 2014 and now it is re-released through Market Square Records.
“Miracle of Healing” is an autobiographical album as it talks about the health issues that Andy has faced since the day he was born. The guitar his parents brought him at his early age proved to be Andy’s savior. This is where it all started for Andy. His “bad luck” didn’t seem to have an ending but his soul power and his talent was bigger than any “bad incident” and how he managed to overcome the whole situation and record this CD, along with the help of some friends of his: Neil Harland on bass, Martin Stephenson on acoustic guitars & percussion, Kate Stephenson on drums, John Steel on keyboards, Stevie Smith on harmonica, Jim Hornsby on dobro, Malcolm McMaster on pedal steel and Jo Hamilton, Susanna Wolfe and Miriam Campbell on backing vocals. The album has a smooth sound and it was produced by Martin Stephenson at Barbaraville studio.
Andy lays his soul and mind on this album. “Miracle of Healing” is a laid-back album which blends blues-rock with folk music. It’s an easy-going album that can be heard any time of the day and it will please the blues rock fans on the whole. Reminiscences from the old (smooth) blues-rock time will come to mind, but with a contemporary twist.