Anathema - Weather Systems

Anathema Weather Systems cover
Weather Systems
Loosening the iron grip of doom (death) metal has been Anathema’s common practice right since mid-90s and even those who didn’t wish to speak in favor of them, now grudgingly own up to their success as a band.
“Weather Systems” is their ninth studio album and probably the best one since “Judgement” which marked their transition to less gloomy music. Let’s face it… Anathema’s dim era seems to have come to an end and there are very few songs in this album to instill desolation. Still, music was… is… and will always be a parade of emotions… so, through thorough experimentation and inexorable progress they present how weather patterns can often change the way we feel.
The album starts with “Untouchable” which is divided in two parts; while the second part is light and refined - Lee Douglas sounds amazing- the first part begins mildly yet it does not end the same way… it is truly absorbing. Third in row is “The Gathering of the Clouds” - artful use of backing vocals - followed by “Lightning Song”, a truly remarkable song. As for “Sunlight”... even the ones who don’t have a sunny disposition will surrender to this electrifying song. “The Storm Before the Calm” has quite many electronic elements for the first five minutes (it is the longest song in the album) however the rest of it goes smoothly. Another two favourite ones are “The Beginning and the End” and “The Lost Child”; the latter consisting of variant melodies… a most spellbinding song. Last in line is “Internal Landscapes” which starts and ends with a narration. It sounds awkward at first but the more you listen the greater your appreciation will be.
“Weather Systems” is the proof of an apparently unstoppable, inexhaustibly creative force. In any case, if your desire is to savour atmospheric tuneful melodies with rockin’ guitar bursts, you will find this work commendable.