Ananda Mida - Anodnatius

Ananda Mida Anodnatius cover
Ananda Mida
Go Down Records
Ananda Mida is a septet (?!) of a band, from NE Italy, that spawned after a band called OJM disintegrated in 2013. Some of their members joined a few others and formed AM, a couple of years later debuting on the live scene and slowly gathering material for an album.
“Anodnatius” is that album, and over it’s nice tracks the Italians show a knack for painting the aural canvas with a multitude of colors and using a lot of different brushes too… their jams are 60s-70s in direction, with a very loose and open production and sound that doesn’t compress or focus things too much, but still they don’t sound confusing or worse yet annoying. They can sound psychedelic one moment, more rocking the other, but they’re always cool as fuck… a trippy surrealistic listen that doesn’t even try to envelope you – but manages to do so without you getting wind of it.
Well done… very well done…