Alan Reed - First in a Field of One

Alan Reed First in a Field of One cover
Alan Reed
First in a Field of One
White Knight Records
Not one, not two, not ten but twenty-five years had Alan Reed been Pallas’ voice and his break-up with the band came as a shock to a good many people. Nonetheless, it was only natural for a man of his magnitude to go solo and so he did. Many might reckon that “First in a Field of One” is just an attempt for Alan to stay inside the music industry… how mistaken they are! He may have spent a quarter of a century with the abovementioned legendary Scottish band but he still has an ace up his sleeve.
Alan Reed has cooperated with quite a few musicians to deliver an album worthy of notice. While Mike Stobbie (ex-Pallas) is on keyboards (both the latter and Alan Reed are responsible for the production as well), Scott Higham (Pendragon) is on drums and percussion, Christina Booth (Magenta) gives additional vocals, Jeff Green is on lead guitar on “Kingdom of the Blind” and “Darkness has Spoken” and Kalle Wallner (RPWL) is on lead guitar on “Never Too Late”, he has also contributed in guitars, basses, keys and percussion aside from the vocal part. So far so good, but the million dollar question remains… what exactly has he brought before our ears?
Should I name it progressive rock or neo prog alone, the definition will be deficient, but if you add celtic folk parts, jazz pieces, melodic arrangements and some 80s/90s vibe then the puzzle is complete. The album consists of eight outstanding tracks of ambient music with a sense of personal identity. More specifically, another side of Alan’s musical talent has been unleashed… a more, let’s say, emotive and somehow depressing part. Heed the lyrics and my words will become clear in a split second, choose not to and you won’t have taken the most of it. Anyhow, it needs time and a lot more than one listening to appreciate what’s offered here. Do take a taste and the flavors of the album will keep you yearning for more…