Ajalon - On the Threshold of Eternity

Ajalon On the Threshold of Eternity 2005
On the Threshold of Eternity
Prog Rock Records
The album is a pleasant surprise for this month... it is always interesting to listen to newcomers (or almost newcomers) to deliver good piece of work. Ajalon play this kind of music I like to call prog rock for the masses, but they do it with style and in a very good way. Shall I explain the term?
Well, we got all the tradition of (UK) prog rock of the 70s, seen through a modern prism, embellished with many pop and straight hard rock elements. I know that similar releases come from all over the place lately, but Ajalon is among those that can make their way out from the crowd. The most distinctive instinct is that their music... flows, it seems to never been restrained by any do’s and don’ts.
The band plays in a very skillful way some solid, short (with two exceptions) and very well structured songs. What amazes me is that the solos and improvisations of the band manage to be short, yet so ripe and full of substance (listen to for example the very smart solos in “Sword of Goliath” and you’ll understand what I mean).
The general feeling of the album is up-tempo, with very good use of the piano, in the way Marillion use it in the later stages of their career. Prog/melodic rock, combined in the best possible way... Yes meets Magnum, Journey and Asia. What else shall I ask for in order to be happy? Vote of confidence here!