AFI - AFI (The Blood Album)

AFI (The Blood Album) cover
AFI (The Blood Album)
Concord Music Group
Almost 4 years after their previous album “Burials”, the Californian punk rockers AFI are back with their new and tenth studio album. It’s a self-titled album but it is also called “(The Blood Album)”, cuz four limited vinyl color variants will be released matching the four blood types (A | O | B | AB). I guess that’s the only thing that is actually worth regarding this album.
At times, I felt that I was a teenager again and I was listening to all those new punk pop/rock bands that used to be popular in the early 90s. AFI were born during that era (1991) and they had the chance to experience all the fame & fortune of the punk rock music of the early 90s. Like it or not some bands got more than they deserved and vice versa. This modernized (popish) punk rock music of today doesn’t have much to offer… not that the (popish) punk rock music of the 90s had anything more or better to offer… but the time was right to become famous if you could do the basic stuff, that’s all.
Anyhow, you could easily enjoy this album if you’re a skater (!), a wannabe rebel, a furious teenager and so on… but I’m actually wondering how such bands are still around making music and having a few (at least) fans. We’re talking about flat, generic & tedious punk rock music with modern pop melodies and very plain song structures… nothing to write home about or deal with it again.