Affäire - At First Sight

Affäire At First Sight cover
At First Sight
Demon Doll Records
Affäire is a Portuguese glam rock band comprising of members with quite a resume, who’ve cut their teeth in bands like Attick Demons, Dawnrider, Divine Lust or Iberia that debuted in 2011 with a 7" entitled “Born Too Late” and proceeded to support international stars in their local appearances. A few years down the line, they’re debuting with a really interesting album that I never expected could sound that good, because let’s face it, I’ve never been exposed to Portuguese glam/hard previously. Made up by 10 tracks that are simple and to the point and quite catchy, Affaire manage to sound like the bastard child of some LA Hair metal – superstar with some Scandinavian groupie that spent too much time under the sun, on holidays, somewhere in the Med.
Apart from the slight traces of a weird exotic accent by singer Dizzy Dice Mike, who manages to overcome that by really slurring his words in a way not too dissimilar to how Zed from Zodiac Mindwrap would spit out the words he was singing. Without being as hedonistic as the aforementioned Zodiacs, Affaire are still a bunch of fun…
From the go, with “Devil’s Cross”, which rocks out complete with cowbell and all, the band shows that it means business… filthy, sexy, glammed up hard rock with a sleazy attitude. But the band’s rough and punky charm doesn’t fizz out, after a single track, no-sir!
“Thug-In-Law”, with its odd title, (hoping it’s not based on real life experience) sounds like a stray strip band’s, lost lead single.
“Running in Quicksand” is even better… it might take a bit to come to the chorus, but one it does, you can feel it climaxing.
Keeping with the sexy themes, “Cash 4 Flesh” is a bit reminiscent of Billy Idol during his prime, with somewhat more basic guitars, but quite the catchy chorus to make up for it.
“Seven Hounds, One Bone (Midnight Hunger)” begins with some harmonica, courtesy of one Pedro “Veneno” Silva and proceeds to sound a bit like Britny Fox, but not with all that vocal vitriol…
“Busted!” is a touch more sleazy maybe a bit like how Vince Neil sounded when he went solo, but again not as nasal.
“No Room for Romance” is a little weird. It’s not a ballad, but it’s melodic and it’s quite heavy. Hear the vocals against the music give a bit of an Alice Cooper impression, for lack of a better description I guess…
“Roadkill” begins with some screaming tires and just punks out everything in a very motley fashion.
“Secret Lives” is a bit harder edge and mid-tempo and here I was also reminded of bands like early Extreme (might have had something to do with the riff) or the harder moments of comrades, Gorky Park! Lol!
Last but not least and more lustful than a lustful vicar, “N.S.T.M.B.” (which stands for “Nothing Stronger Than a Morning Boner”!) just finishes off the album in an explosive fashion… (happy kwanzaa!)
All in all, Affäire’s debut is an album you will thoroughly enjoy if you’re into old school glam/hard/sleaze etc…. give these lads a chance and they’re very likely to grow on you.