Aevum - Dischronia

Aevum Dischronia cover
Maple Metal Records
Aevum are an octet(!) hailing from Turin, Italy; that is inclined towards symphonic power metal with prog tendencies, not unlike Nightwish, Amberian Dawn, or Dreams Of Sanity. Now, where the Italians lack is not on the scope or ambition but rather execution.
A very weak recording has been buried under layers of vocals and mastered into a monstrous and amorphous mess. The vocals, male, female, both lead and choral, often are dissonant when they are combined with either one or the other being out of tune at any one time.
Seriously this fatal flaw is overshadowing any good ideas, or attempts by the female singer Lucile since when her male counterpart Hydra does come in at the same time, it sounds like Steve Sylvester with a bad cold trying to be symphonic. The dual parts sound too messy; I think they should elect to go with only one of the two vocalists. One song that works well enough is “Sleeping Venus Tarantella”, where the two vocalists exchange phrases, scarcely ever singing in unison. It still feels a bit odd however.
A band that is young and could mature, but needs to work a bit on direction and especially their mix, which is quite chaotic.