Aeonsgate - Pentalpha

Aeonsgate Pentalpha cover
The Church Within Records
Aeonsgate is a weird as $@#%, project.... it’s actually an album a doomy and gloomy album that is however offered without any indexes – as one single song, the 59:52 minutes long “Pentalpha” a phychedelic doom opus composed by Jondix (guitar player and founder of Great Coven, EIght Hands for Kali and Atman-Acron) who is the guitarist for this project. Along with him we have Joseph Diaz on keys and bass (that you might remember from Jon Oliva’s Pain), Mats Leven of way too many projects to mention (but here are some anyway like ex-Abstrakt Algebra, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Candlemass, ex-Adagio, etc.) and drummer extraordinaire Marco Minneman (ex-Illogicist, ex-Nathan Frost, ex-Necrophagist)…
What’s very fucked up about it is the lyrical content – the theme is the first few minutes of a person’s journey into the realms of death. It’s a sickening, asphyxiating, dry, agonizing, claustrophobic, incredibly sad and morbid experience that will have you hopelessly trying to gasp for that last breath that you just exhaled… in one hour it just takes all those puny funeral doom, sludge, drone bands, it chews and it spits them out...
In all honesty, it feels like someone took a pretty decent Solitude Aeturnus song and just skull fucked the #$#@$#@$@# hell out of it, while on an acid trip.(there are quite a few “sweet”/catchy sections all over the 60 sections… the parts where Leven chants out “Pentalpha” or just calls out to Lucifer or chants about the still “flowing blood” are just pretty much “awesome”). Due to its “extreme” experimentation and bizarre form (one long extended funked up jam) it might be a little too much for the average doom metal fan, but the more “psych” loving guys, will probably just love it to bits!
Proceed with some caution after you listen to some of it… it’s a bit raw and needs your undivided attention – or you to be totally stoned to appreciate it’s majesty! When all the stars in the sky have ceased to shine, only the five pointed star shall burn bright in your fading memory as you drown into lethe… prepare to be submerged into the darkest, deepest ocean. (those are just random blabbs of mine right :P)