Addiction - Addiction

Addiction cover
Addiction is a glam band from Greece featuring members of various other bands that seem to now have gone defunct. They tend to cover the basic perquisites of the genre but are somewhat held back by their Spartan style, their production, which does not have the necessary range and volume – ie- you can hear a bass drum beating away on the third song that should have been totally grooving madly and it just sounds “tiny”… and a singer who’s not bad but is not great either and has somewhat of an accent, which ain’t his biggest problem…
The triplet of “Bad Addiction”, “Saturday Night”, “Paradise” is quite nice (although the latter, just relies too much on Motley and Reckless Love melodies to be considered original)… all of them pretty energetic compositions but when the band tries their muscle on the mid-tempo smaltzy “Do It Your Way” even if their intentions are good they just can’t save face... the solo is not bad but that plus a melody are the only things the song has going on for it.
“A Night on the Rox” continues down the smaltzy 80s semi-ballad but the singer just doesn’t have the range or timbre to really do the song justice...
“Last Chance” is more of the same really but done a little better.
“Give Me a Sign” is far from an original title and the song just relies in a similar mode, as the songs that preceded it. Mixing the songs up a bit in the tracklist “might” have worked a little better I guess but I’m really not going to experiment with that.
“The Waiting” tries to slow things down even further but it’s just a bit too heavy without being necessarily bad.
And last but not least there’s “Playing to Win”, a number that begins slowly and progressively gets heavier. It should have been a little faster though with the kind of “lyrics” it has… it is in the same vein as many of Vain’s songs plus it seems to take a little hint from Ammunition’s “Silverback” but it’s kinda of OK, anyway...
Well a better & fuller production/mastering, the singer loosening up or being replaced and some more variation and mixing the tempos in the tracklist should be what these guys have on the checklist for a potential second effort... till then local fans of the Scandi-neo-glam scene and all the Strip classics will probably bite the bait.