A.D.D. - Core

A.D.D. Core cover
Pavement Entertainment
A.D.D. are back, with a full-length album, after 9 whole years, ready to cover the lost ground of the past years. In 2011 they also released the “Hear Me Now” EP to make their presence known and give the message that they are still here working on new material.
Today, the quartet is still fond of modern hard rock with various heavy rock & melodic references. Margaret Young (aka Matilda Moon) sounds pretty impressive and powerful. The musicianship is rather solid and heavy on the whole. The album was mixed by Tadpole (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind) and mastered by Grammy Award winner Trevor Sadler (Hans Zimmer, Fates Warning, etc.). The production is very tight, dynamic and heavy.
Even though it’s been 4 years since the release of the EP and the music world has changed quite a bit in the meantime, A.D.D. is still one of the most cohesive and reliable female-fronted modern hard rock bands out there. The tracks are all very good overall and the short running play of the album (only 37 minutes) will make it easier for you to play it over and over again. The band has already started the live shows in various US cities, so it won’t be long till you see them play in your city. You’d better attend their shows as I believe you’ll value them even more as soon as you see them live on stage. “Core” is a damn fine album which puts A.D.D. back in the game for good…