Adagio - Underworld

Adagio Underworld cover
Point Music
This is a nice surprise coming from France. In essence this is the band of French guitarist Stephan Forte, who used to play death metal in the past, in the path of Death and Dismember. But now he decided to change his approach and turn into prog/power metal. But it is not only power metal.
Forte seems to adore the neo-classical music so he has adapted such kind of elements. Imagine a mixture of Symphony X with Malmsteen’s neo-classical virtuoso style and extensive use of the piano. The French guitarist is here surrounded by Kevin Godfert on keys, David Readman (Pink Cream 69) on vocals, and Dirk Bruinenberg (Elegy ) on drums.
The whole effort is a highlight for our music indeed, full of ideas, breaks and a special approach to the songs. Plus the choir and orchestral parts are physically recorded and not samples – something that is clear and adds a lot to the album. This is definitely one of the very best releases of this genre for 2003.