Acelsia - Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow

Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow
Quietude Productions
What started out as a solo project by the singer Malene Markussen back in 2006, soon turned out to be a band through the years and after several line-up changes. Finally, Malene and the guitarist Odd Henning Skyllingstad remained to lead the band through the hard times. They both recorded the debut, “Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow”, with the help of the guest drummer Bjørn Tore Erlandsen (Aspherium). Soon after, the bassist Morten Granheim joined the band. Now, along with the session musicians, guitarist Henning Ramseth and drummer Eskil Hakonsen they are a full live band.
“Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow” presents various sides of the band. Rock music has been blended with post-rock, shoegaze, atmospheric, hard rock, pop-rock and modern elements. What strikes right away is Malene’s “delicate” voice. It’s a love it or hate it voice, but thankfully I do like it. There are some very strong moments on the debut and some rather generic ones.
I fancy the band more when it crosses the atmospheric, post-rock paths. The lead single “The Mender” is a great example of that. Fragile, melodic, atmospheric & moody. It’s like Klimt 1918 has gone slightly pop with female vocals. Another song, in the same pace, is “Haven”. Very good one as well. “Blue Knell” is like pop went harder but I do not think this style suits the band over the post-rock one. “Left Alone” seems like a gloomy even-tempered & interesting tune but I couldn’t listen to it properly since the specific track is “damaged” on the digital promo that I have. Too bad for it sounds truly promising.
To sum up, “Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow” is a decent debut release from a group (trio actually) that’s at the beginning and it can actually improve, if it takes its time, come up with a steady line-up and work on its ideas as a band more. If they decide to take that post-rock, melodic atmospheric path I’m sure they can do so much better… I’ll be waiting…