Absynth Aura - Unbreakable

Absynth Aura
It’s a fact that the rock/metal scene has been dominated by ladies… without it being absolutely bad. After all who doesn’t like to see and hear beautiful ladies sinning and performing on stage? There will be more women than men in the scene in the next years …
Absynth Aura is a newcomer from Italy, which formed in 2007, after a collaboration among the singer, Claudia, the guitarist, “Dr. Viossy” & the bassist “JT” in order to present the song “Will Is Power” for the "Virus-Free Generation" show, organized by the charitable institution CESVI. After a while the drummer, Mark, joined them and Absynth Aura took its final shape.
Influenced by some known atmospheric, gothic rock/metal female fronted bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence & Lacuna Coil, with some extra modern and alternative rock elements… they did build a musical character, from the start, with many personal features, a thing that helped them to avoid, thankfully, being “another clone” of the abovementioned bands’ depiction.
Claudia’s voice is very expressive and powerful… but it would be unfair not to mention the other guys too, the guitarist, the bassist and the drummer that are taking the whole effort a step further with their great performances. The album is quite diverse… as it contains heavy modern tunes, atmospheric rock/metal songs and mellow/acoustic ballads… and it also has a very powerful and modern production.
They have written some very good songs here such as: “Believe Me”, “Desert Flower”, “Smile” (the best song of the album), “That’s Why You Die”, “Looking For The One” “Life”, “The Fire In My Eyes” & “Unbreakable” that will please those who fond female-fronted melodic, atmospheric and modern metal bands. They have the potential to better things up for sure… and that’s good… cuz’ it proves that the band has more to give in the future. I’m looking forward to the band’s follow-up album.