A Killer’s Confession - The Indifference of Good Men

A Killer’s Confession The Indifference of Good Men cover
A Killer’s Confession
The Indifference of Good Men
Wake Up! Music Group
Hailing from Cleveland, A Killer’s Confession, fronted by Waylon Reavis, released their new album, “The Indifference of Good Men”, on October 18, on the Wake Up! Music label. AKC was formed in 2016, a little after Waylon left Mushroomhead, AKC member are: Waylon Reavis (vocals), Mark Alexander (guitar), Morgan Bauer (drums), and JP Cross (bass).
Listening over the dozen or so tracks, the album began with “It’s Not Too Late”, which I felt it was a nightmarish mix with an anthem like chorus.
Songs that really stick out include “Numb”, with its post-apocalyptic “Mushroomhead-like” intro, transitioning into heavy guitars, then cascading back into the darkness of the verse.
“Trust Me” reminds me of White Zombie fighting Korn in a death-match. The crushing music and techno drop-ins deliver some good flavor.
“Cocaine” shows some different feelings. Between the stutter-step guitars, thunderous percussion and electro fill-ins, it’s a unique cut on the album.
“The Shore” brought on a chill to the bone, haunting composition right out of the gate. Waylon’s voice and lyrics in this cut are reminiscent of the feeling of loss and despair. I think I listened to this song ten times, hearing different subtleties each time. 
“Satisfied” grinds through like a monster. This track is akin to Powerman 5000 on steroids. “Render” fills the ears with a doom-like march, similar to a mid-winter preparation for battle. A dirge of sorts. It reminded me of a zombified Pink Floyd.
The last track, the “Numb Raw” demo stripped-down version of “Numb,” more biting and less melodic, and raw bits of desperation.
“The Indifference of Good Men” packs the album full of versatility and newness. It’s definitely one album that I will listen to again, and keep in the collection.