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7th Heaven
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7th Heaven are a Chicago based pop-rock band that has been around since way back in 1985 and have been releasing albums since 1990 with an impressive 24 releases and 3000 songs written but I presume not recorded… they‘ve also gone through a couple of dozen of musicians through those years with their latest vocalist Adam Heisler joining them last year. They have at one point been managed by members of Bon Jovi and Styx members but even though they‘ve been around for that long and they‘ve released all this material they‘ve hardly risen above local heroes status… and it’s not hard to see why.
Even though their Boyband (say Backstreet boys), meets INXS, meets the snazziest moments of Bon J and overall their sound is not bad, good production, uplifting melodies, decent performances, both the revolving door policy and their rather generic but not edgy enough songwriting are detrimental in not allowing a connection to be established or a penetration of pop culture… really I don’t care who managed the band. I could be interested however if I could say, this is the band that wrote, “song A”, “Song B”, “Song C” with 24 releases, you’d either be a worldwide phenomenon or a person that really makes a living out of this but barely and I’m guessing the truth is closer to the latter.
Decent band that has had 3-4 “reality show” singers but ultimately quite forgettable bubblegum pop/rock. I mean, occasionally you get the 1 hit wonder, but 7th Heaven are probably hitless even after all these years doing this. Weak and no, I’m not trying to be overtly negative… it’s just the way it is…