3RDegree - The Long Division

The Long Division
Independent Released
Returning to action after a 12-year hiatus must be a rather hard thing to do. This US band never dreaded the challenges though. Presenting the follow-up to their comeback album “Narrow-Caster” in 2008… they’re more cohesive, focused and determined of what they want to deliver, as some might say.
“The Long Division” is a progressive rock album that “borrows” elements from the 70s era, as well as the 80s but has a fresh-contemporary sound. The pop, funk, fusion, jazz features are all beautifully embellished into the musical contextual of this work… giving the band the chance to come up with a quite diverse, art, prog, melodic, yet stimulating, complex and sophisticated outcome. This ain’t a rock album with progressive tendencies… it’s kinda the opposite. The song structures are not like the ones you’re used to - especially if you’re not into prog music – while the rotation of rhythms, harmonies, mood & themes will make things way more interesting and intricate as well. Given the fact that the lyrics are dealing with how the governments are manipulating people by separating them into small teams or how they play with their fears… this album is a fairly thought-provoking release. “A Nihilist’s Love Song”, which is the most straight-forward track, is a splendid tune with some wonderful choirs and a catchy chorus…. what a brilliant way to close the album! Produced by, the band members, Robert James Pashman, George Dobbs & Pat Kliesch and mastered by Dennis Drake… the album has well-balanced, clear and rich sound.
As, I’ve said countless times before… 2012 is a prog year… I’m certainly sure now. Most of the prog albums I’ve listened to are very interesting and musically varied… mostly inspired by the big prog bands of the 70s, but also having elements of our time. 3RDegree came back after a major gap, but they seem to have been motivated more than before and got the strength to move on even further and deliver some wonderfully well-crafted crossover prog songs. If you’re really into prog rock music then don’t let this album slip away…