3 - The Ghost You Gave To Me

The Ghost You Gave To Me
Metal Blade Records
Starting with “Sirenium Scopuli” (intro), “React”, “Sparrow”, “High Times”, “Numbers”, “One With The Sun”, “The Ghost You Gave To Me”, “Pretty”, “Afterglow”, “It’s Alive”, “Only Child”, “The Barrier”… I just gave up trying to find a single piece I wouldn’t express a cordial fondness for. Balancing between gloomy and rollicking sounds, this album raises the expectations concerning the genre it belongs to. Dynamic percussion (Chris Gartmann) penetrating metal guitars (Joey Eppard/Billy Riker) in combination with coordinated drums and thunderous bass (Daniel Grimsland) have given a remarkable result. The most striking thing, though, is that only a minority of the songs might as well not be radio-friendly or commercial and frankly, producing such a great number of catchy songs is kind of hard to achieve.
For those who pay a close attention to lyrics, I can assure you that this album provides a rich seam to mine. Joey Eppard (guitars/vocals) gives heartrending performances with his melodic voice. This is their sixth full length album so far and they have been constantly gaining ground since 2008, when they opened for Scorpions on their full US tour. A demonstration of pure rock passion was enough for the crowd to laud them in standing ovations.
...All our world is drawn to sleep
They know not where you keep your siren song
All your burdens lost at sea
A song to set you free
To draw the poison out
The pain becomes a choice… “Sirenium Scopuli”...