101 South - Roll of the Dice

101 South
Roll of the Dice
Atenzia Records
101 South is Roger Scott Graig’s, Harlan Cage’s keyboardist, side project. “Roll of The Dice” is the second album they release, and once again they play excellent melodic rock. Although it is the second album Roger has released in the same year, I must say that it sounds very fresh and it has many great songs such as, the very good “What’s Your Game”, the homonymous “Roll of the Dice”, the atmospheric “Don’t Stop Believing”, the amazing “Borderline” and the very emotional ballad “Dark Cloud on the Horizon”.
Also, I think Gregory’s voice (the singer of the band) is a little bluesier and higher than Harlan Cage’s Larry. And at this point I should also inform you that the rest of the songs are exciting too. This album is for sure one of the best of this year in its genre of course. All that you have to do is buy “Roll of the Dice” and enjoy the music. Ahh, and I must not forget to thank Roger for giving us such great music! What are you still waiting for? Just buy this album and push “play” on your CD-player immediately!