Zolle to release new studio album “Macello” on April 3rd 2020

Zolle Macello cover
Coming on April 3rd, on Subsound Records, “Macello” the brand new upcoming full length album by Italy’s Heavy Rock / Sludge duo Zolle, is a nutty piece of loudness, blending a Torche-like sound and rousing stadium dynamics à la AC/DC.

The fourth record of the Italian duo Zolle symbolizes the human condition of living in ambivalence, contradiction and paradox - It’s certainly a convivial record, but it’s also a bit poisoned and sometimes it simply makes you dream.

“"Macello" (Italian word for "slaughterhouse", but means also "mess" or "shindy") is the crudest expression, in all senses, of the coexistence of end and beginning, death and life, absence and presence, tragedy and opportunity. A significant place, a time suspended, a powerful ritual, a real mess”, the band comments.

A first glimpse of what to expect from “Macello” can now be heard and seen in form of “S’offre”, the brand new and animated music video, streaming now below.

“Macello” will be coming out April 3rd, 2020, via Subsound Records and is available for pre-order here.
1. S’offre
2. D’io
3. M’io
4. M’accetta
5. L’ara
6. L’ama
7. L’affetto
8. D’annata
9. L’aura

Ste - Drums
Marcio - Guitar