Witchrider to release new studio album “Electrical Storm” on November 13th 2020

Witchrider Electrical Storm cover
Our favorite Austrians, Witchrider, are back, and strange as it may sound Arnold Schwarzenegger is not involved as far as we know. Of course the fact that Arnold was born in the same town as the guys in Witchrider obviously have had effect on the music that’s become true Grazian stoner rock. A version of stoner rock that may not be super heavy but it’s full of groovy tunes and melody.

On the new album “Electrical Storm” that will see the light on November 13th, 2020, the mixture of loud and heavy guitars with dark electronic elements and strong vocals will explode in the audience’s faces and hearts like a tender strawberry smoothie blast from a catapult. It’s “just” been six years since the debut album so about time for the follow up, right?!

Listen to the first single “You Lied” here.

Says the band about the new single: 
“It’s a fun little song about dealing with some unpleasant characters in the narcissistic category, and going crazy in the process of trying to please everyone, all the time. Further we need everyone to know that Tom Hanks is part of the music video that is in the making for this song”.

Open your ears and embrace the melody of the mountains.

Pre-order “Electrical Storm” here. The album comes on CD digipack, LP black and the limited LP splatter (just 100 copies).

Witchrider is a stoner / alternative rock group from Graz, Austria formed in 2012. The idea for the band name was taken from sleep paralysis aka “riding the witch”.

Comments the band:
“After the critical acclaimed debut album "Unmountable Stairs" the follow up is soon here. We waited a long time for this masterpiece and it was worth it. With 11 smashing songs without a dull moment this will take you on a very enjoyable musical journey”.

The music is varied and has great melodies, mellow and uplifting tunes. Even if categorized as stoner rock the band is not one of the more heavy acts, they remind a bit of early Queens Of The Stone Age with a lot of "catchy" things going on!

Since releasing their first EP in 2013, they have been a vivid part of the European rock scene. Signing with Truckfighters own label Fuzzorama records just a year after and releasing their debut full length album in 2014. They also toured numerous times all across Europe with some of the best and coolest band in the genre.