Under The Church - Self-titled EP out on June 16th 2014

Under The Church EP cover
Swedish death metal chieftains Under The Church have unleashed the track-opener “Denial of Death”, taken off from the group’s upcoming EP simply entitled “Under The Church”, which will officially be released on 16th June 2014 in CD & Digital format.
Listen to the premiere YouTube video release of “Denial of Death” below.
The undeniable sounds of scurrilous and rotten death metal have always been best executed by the certain few originators whom literally created the term 'Swedish Death Metal' that would go down in extreme music history forever. After their long-endearing stint with Nirvana 2002, the two weathered henchmen Erik Qvick and Lars Henriksson decided it was about time to write some offensive Death Metal once again; something that would nauseate and turn stomachs like it was death metal in 1988.
1. Denial of Death
2. Macabre Cadaver
3. Digging in the Dirt
4. Under the Church
5. Burning
6. Haunted by Demons
7. Back to the Grave 
Erik Qvick - Drums / Guitars
Lars Henriksson - Bass
MiK Annetts - Vocals