Thought Chamber working on new studio album and launch new video for “Psykerion: The Question”

Thought Chamber band pic
U.S. Progressive Metal/Rock group Thought Chamber are not only working on a new, third studio album to follow up 2013’s “Psykerion” effort, but are now in the meantime also launching another video clip for the track “Psykerion: The Question” off the previous release.

Check out the video below.

Thought Chamber are currently at work in the studio for their upcoming new album release, expected for later in 2018 via InsideOut Music.

The band checked in with the following comment:
“Thought Chamber is hard at work in the studio recording their as yet untitled 3rd album. Although not a concept album like their previous "Psykerion" release, it may include the continuation of that record's storyline. New songs include "Myst of Lyriad", "Rainless", "Identity Theft", "Blinded", "A Modern Tragedy", and yet another instrumental in the continuing saga of "Mr. Qwinkle”. In the meantime, a video for the band's song, “Psykerion: The Question”, has popped up out of nowhere!”...

A first short teaser preview clip of the new song “Rainless” can be checked out below.

Thought Chamber features vocalist Ted Leonard (Spock’s Beard, Enchant), drummer Mike Haid (David T. Chastain, Michael Harris, Joe Stump), keyboardist Bill Jenkins (Enchant), bassist Jeff Plant (Agrat) and guitarist Michael Harris (Darkology, Vitalij Kuprij).

“Psykerion” contained 16 tracks / 64 minutes of superb true progressive metal with a technical sci-fi twist, likely to appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Yes, Rush or Planet X. The album’s cover artwork was designed by John E. Holland / The album was recorded in various locations between 2012 and 2013 and finally mixed and mastered by Tom Size (Y&T, Aerosmith, Mr. Big, Enchant) at Tomland Studios, Pacheco, CA.

The first pressing European CD edition of “Psykerion” comes with an O-Card packaging and two additional bonus tracks (“Isle of Bizen [acoustic version] and “Recoil [instrumental version]”). It can still be ordered from the IOM webshop in Europe here.

Ted Leonard - Lead vocals
Michael Harris - Guitars, keyboards, harmony vocals
Jeff Plant - Bass
Bill Jenkins - Keyboards
Mike Haid - Drums