THC Dreams to release new single “All My Friends” on January 11th 2019

THC Dreams All My Friends single cover
Compressing a wide assortment of influences stemming from the energy and buoyancy of Say Anything and Brand New, through to the texturing and melodic guile of The Hotelier and Bloc Party, THC Dreams offer up a fresh and animated take on emo infused rock.

With a neat and solid rhythm section, thoughtful guitar work, and soaring vocals, THC Dreams drop their spanking new single, “All My Friends”, on Friday 11th January, 2019.

Born in 2015 and spawned from a College jam, this eclectic quartet, featuring Nick (guitar and main vocals), Tom (guitar and vocals), Tamlin (bass), and Sam (drums), were reared on a diet of Kerrang, Scuzz and emo, and by spending their formative years in Bristol, a city with a vibrant and varied musical history, they have incorporated elements of the sounds that put their city on the musical map.

THC Dreams hit the road last Summer and racked up a series of support shows with the likes of Palm Reader, Yr Poetry, and allusondrugs. This winter, the emo-rockers will drop their intoxicating new single, “All My Friends”, which is backed by the equally enthralling B-side, “Get Over It”.

Nick from the band provides the backstory to “All My Friends”: “This track was written after a slight hiatus from the band, during a dark period of mixed up priorities and work. The song features elements of THC Dreams’ classic emo punk style but updated for a new era with a more danceable vibe. A few weeks prior to entering the studio, the band received news that a friend had passed away by overdose. The theme of the song, that adulthood drives you apart from the ones you love, and the coping mechanisms we create for it, became more pertinent, and to tell the story right, even more important”.

Look out for the foursome this January as they embark on a UK tour in support of the single, accompanied by some of Scotland’s finest new artists, Take Today and Wrthless.