Stälker to release new studio album “Black Majik Terror” on October 30th 2020

Stälker Black Majik Terror cover
New Zealand’s speed metal overlords Stälker are returning with yet another lesson in raw and in-your-face heavy metal, breathing the spirit and danger of the glorious 80s.

Following 2019’s globally acclaimed “Powermad” EP, the band’s impatiently awaited second full-length album, “Black Majik Terror”, will be released on October 30th, 2020, via Napalm Records.

Coinciding with the album’s announcement and the pre-order, Stälker have also released the first single off “Black Majik Terror”, “Of Steel and Fire” - a track that immediately calls to mind epic anthems of tried and true heavy metal like Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” but swiftly forges on its own path of blistering speed and precision that serves as an indicator of what is to come on the album. It becomes readily apparent that Stälker have not lost any of their magic and have quickly discarded the chains of the dreaded sophomore slump.

Commented the band: “Time to unshackle the first cut "Of Steel and Fire" from our new album, "Black Majik Terror"... The album takes you through a near future hellscape where unseen evil entities have invaded this reality through human folly... prepare to die... tonight!!!”

Watch the thrilling music video for “Of Steel and Fire” below.

“Black Majik Terror” will be available in the following formats/editions:
• CD Jewelcase
• CD Jewelcase + T-Shirt Bundle (Napalm Mailorder only)
• Gatefold Vinyl (Black)
• Gatefold Vinyl (Black) + T-Shirt Bundle (Napalm North American Mailorder only)
• Gatefold Vinyl (Yellow/Orange Swirl)
• Gatefold Vinyl (Yellow/Orange Swirl) + T-Shirt Bundle (Napalm North American • Mailorder only)
• T-Shirt

Pre-order “Black Majik Terror” here.

1. Of Steel and Fire
2. Black Majik Terror
3. Sentenced to Death
4. Stalker
5. Holocene’s End
6. Demolition
7. The Cross
8. Iron Genocide
9. Intruder

Formed in 2016 in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, Stälker quickly gained attention in the global metal scene with the release of their blistering three-track demo, 2016’s “Satanic Panic”, which sold close to a thousand cassettes and 7" copies in the blink of an eye: a staggering feat for any metal band from the southern hemisphere.

Shortly after, being signed to Napalm Records now, Stälker set out to drop jaws with their much-anticipated full-length debut, “Shadow of the Sword”. The high-powered release shines a light on metal’s true lifeblood while showcasing Stälker’s strong melodic voice, mixing primeval thrash, punk, and spandex-and-leather-clad 80s metal influences into a relentless sonic attack.

Followed by relentless tours around the globe and the release of critically acclaimed “Powermad” EP in 2019, Stälker went back to the rehearsal room to craft what will be known as their preliminary magnum opus as 2020 marks the electrifying arrival of Stälker’s newest offering, “Black Majik Terror”. The trio wasted no time in disproving the lurking presence of the dreaded sophomore slump.

Now the band is back with more speed, more power, and most importantly, more riffs. “Black Majik Terror” is a cacophony of speed metal mayhem sure to enchant any and all freaks, from the nefarious hordes of metalheads to the street side mobs of low down rock n rollers. With primal energy fueling their assault, Daif, Nick, and Chris put on a truly adept performance as they riddle their fans with a hail of piercing tracks that will leave the world in putrid flames. “Black Majik Terror” is here, and it is here to raise hell.

Daif: Vocals & Bass
Chris: Guitars
Nick: Drums