Shizzura signs with Wormholedeath for the re-issue of their debut album “Ronin”

Shizzura Ronin cover
German Heavy Metal ninjas Shizzura have signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for the re-issue of their album “Ronin”, due for re-release on on November 12th, 2021.

Signing statement:
“We are beyond honored to be signed by Wormholedeath Records, with them set to release our album "Ronin". This opportunity isn’t something we take for granted. A lot of great and talented artists are signed to this label and we will continue to work on our craft to meet the high standards of Wormholedeath. Thank you for taking a chance on us, we won’t disappoint you”.

About “Ronin”:
“"Ronin" was in creation for quite some time. We’ve been working on this album for years. We started with releasing a number of singles over the last decade to find out what the response would be. Some songs evolved and became the ones you can hear on "Ronin" today, others were completely discarded as those didn’t meet our standards anymore. We worked tirelessly for several years on these 14 songs until we were satisfied with the final product”.

1. Intro
2. Nishibi
3. Conquering the Nisshin Maru
4. The Hell in My Eyes
5. Caustic
6. Dead God City
7. Witness Your Sins
8. Boku No Kurai Mirai
9. My Villain
10. The Declaration
11. Underneath
12. Venom
13. Your Blinded Eyes Can’t See Us
14. Secrets

Recorded at Liquid Aether Audio
Mixing & Mastering by Mario Dahmen
Special thanks to Kizashi

Raised by the leaders of the second wave of Nu-Metal and nurtured by the highly faceted Japanese Rock and Metal scene, Shizzura was formed back in 2011. Their musical style is heavily influenced by our mentors and their sound direction. Heavy guitars, hard hitting drums, and lyrics in English as well as in japanese; mixing the western style of Metal with an eastern approach to the same genre, they created their own. Over the last years Shizzura released a number of singles and improved their musical knowledge to challenge ourselves. The first full length album “Ronin” will be released via Wormholedeath Records.

Karumo - Vocals & Guitar
Ryō - Guitar
Yukko - Bass
Tetsu - Drums