Road Trip signs with Epictronic and announces “Merry Go Round” album

Road Trip Merry Go Round cover
Prog / Psychedelic Rock Prodigy Road Trip has signed a deal with Epictronic for the album “Merry Go Round”, set to be released on January 21st, 2022.

The album “Merry Go Round” is Dave Hulatt’s solo project. It is the result of many years of performing, recording and production experience as a musician/composer and sound engineer / producer.

“Merry Go Round” encapsulates many influences from a wide range of progressive/psychedelic rock artists such as Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, from the folk and singer songwriter genres such as John Martyn, Nick Drake and also influenced by rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Rush.

Lyrically, inspiration has come from reading science fiction such as the author Phillip K. Dick, or George Orwell, and can be heard on tracks such as “Cracks in Space” or “Welcome to the Dark”. These influences fuse and synthesise with interpretations of life, reflections on current events, relationships and all the stuff we go through within the human condition.

The track “Light of Perfection” for example is almost like a metaphor for the light and energy we feel from the sun, and how that can make us feel alive, free and happy in the moment of that feeling/escaping to that perfect place.

Watch the new video for “The Rabbit Hole of Time” below.

1. Cracks in Space
2. The Rabbit Hole of Time
3. The Light of Perfection
4. Station in the Sky
5. The Maze
6. Times Gone By
7. Welcome to the Dark
8. The Trip
9. Merry Go Round

Road Trip is a psychedelic journey through your mind. Its about our journey of life without artificial boundaries, an escape from the mundane to the other and back again. Road Trip started as a purely solo project, as an evolution from previous playing/writing contexts in the many bands that preceeded including The Dream Circuit, who performed at HRH Prog, Kozzfest and many other small festival stages a few years back. The first Road Trip EP called “Sun Daze” was released in 2015 and has had worldwide airplay on streaming platforms in addition to selling well to festival crowds as physical product.

Personally as more of a session guitarist have been seen playing alongside luminaries such as Nick Turner or Dave Anderson from Hawkwind. Reviews of live performance can be seen on the Road Trip page.