Pyrrhic Salvation to release debut EP “Manifestum I” on February 18th 2022

Pyrrhic Salvation Manifestum I EP cover
Internet-based eclectic “raw” technical death metal/black metal influenced trio Pyrrhic Salvation (featuring one of two members of renowned black/death experimental duo Veilburner - Transcending Obscurity Records) is proud to announce the February 18th, 2022, release of “Manifestum I”. Their debut EP. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes in length across 4 highly ambitious and eclectic songs along with 1 shorter instrumental piece.

You can check out the new track “Those That Dwell” below.

The world of heavy metal, like every other genre, has experienced endless instances of incredible music that never would have happened if not for the internets ability to let creative people find others eager to help them create passionate music with a distinct vision at the heart of their art.

Newcomers Pyrrhic Salvation were spawned from such a setting, the byproduct of seasoned musicians in three different states in the United States that have never met each other in person. Several years after the initial seeds of their collaboration were planted, the group’s debut effort, “Manifestum I”, is set for release on February 18th, 2022.

At its core, “Manifestum I” draws heavily from the original death metal era, modern complex death metal, and black metal, synthesizing several decades worth of their influences into an end product of esoteric madness both caustically raw and highly ambitious all at once. 

For those seeking out extreme metal that’s unique, “Manifestum I” has an entire musical world to offer those who sink into its depths. You’ll find no cookie-cutter death metal here, Pyrrhic Salvation’s goal is to explore and expand what is possible between sounds pleasing to fans of both older death metal and newer forms of death metal. 

“Manifestum I” will appeal to fans of bands the group cites as sources of inspiration such as Hate Eternal, Artificial Brain, Ulcerate, Vital Remains, Immolation, Anata, Spawn of Possession, Suffocation, and Blotted Science.

1. Void Mass Revulsion
2. A Martyr…
3.  …to Never Awaken
4. Revelations of Agonies to Come
5. Those That Dwell

Chrisom Infernium - Vocals (Veilburner)
Michael Altobello - Guitars
Sagar Nadgir - Drums, Fretless Bass (Carcinomic)