Melody Fall to release “The Shape of Pop Punk to Come” on November 25th 2014

Melody Fall The Shape of Pop Punk to Come cover
Melody Fall along with Rockshots Music Management are proud to present “The Shape of Pop Punk to Come”.

This is the title of the new Melody Fall album since “Virginal Notes” (2012), described by the band as a throwback to their well-known album “Consider as Gone” with a fresh, modern approach.

Fabrizio Pan, MF frontman, considers: “"The Shape of..." as a band's rebirth. "The Shape.." is a real "comeback" album, it is our chance to express what we are now. We have grown since "Into The Flesh" and especially since "Consider us gone," and this new album reflects our soul. Its Shape, the only one possible for us, is today's Pop Punk”.

“The Shape of Pop Punk to Come” will hit digital stores on November 25th, 2014 (Japan Release is expected via Radtone Records on November 12th, 2014), while first single/video will be released on November 12th, 2014.

“The Shape of Pop Punk to Come” will be also available for pre-order on Bandcamp from November 12th 2014.