Johnny Casino releases new single “I Scare Myself”

Johnny Casino I Scare Myself single cover
“I Scare Myself” is the latest single from Johnny Casino, out now through Golden Robot Records. It was first brought Casino’s attention by the late great Michael Wilhelm, whom he had the privilege of playing many concerts with; and even recording various songs with. Michael was in San Franciscan band from the 60’s, The Charlatans, with the late and great Dan Hicks, who wrote “I Scare Myself” for his band Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks.

Says Johnny Casino:
“My brother, as well as the late and great Howard Saunders (Thee Cosmic Commander) spent many a long hour telling me that this song was a something I should record or cover live with my band, I’m sorry you never got to hear it brother! But maybe you’re listening through space and time?”...

Stream & buy “I Scare Myself” here.

In music, as in life, there are those who are content to follow the path of normality & certainty, unable to comprehend the intangible pleasures that come with venturing outside their comfort zone then there are those who are prepared take a chance take whatever comes their way. Johnny Casino is such a man.

The ramblin’ gamblin’ man, a musical journeyman equally at home in the high-octane atmosphere of Motor City garage rock, the fundamental three chord riffage of 50s rock‘n’roll, the charismatic soul of Philadelphia or the dusty plains of Cali country. With spiritual guidance courtesy of Chuck Berry, the MC5, Berry Gordy & Gram Parsons. Casino’s musical journey began with a high stakes wager. On the back of a flatbed truck, and in front of the winning post of a racecourse in the Australian country town of Mudgee, Casino at the age of 14 played his first show in front of a biker gang by the name of The God Squad.