Hail Spirit Noir sign record deal with Agonia Records

Hail Spirit Noir band pic
Greek psychodelic prog metal band Hail Spirit Noir have signed a record deal with Agonia Records. The sextet’s new album is complete and has been slated for a tentative release in June 2020.

Hail Spirit Noir is an intriguing psychedelic prog metal band, with strong experimental and prog rock influences, recommended for fans of Oranssi Pazuzu, Ulver, Borknagar, or Ghost, yet with an identity of its own. Their third and last album, “Mayhem in Blue”, was released to critical acclaim in 2016, and was followed by several festival appearences, including a thundering performance at Roadburn (which simultaneously marked the first-ever appearance of a Greek band at the festival) and other prestigious festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Dark Bombastic Evening (Romania) and more.

The group was established late 2010 as a trio and issued their debut album “Pneuma” two years later. Its warm reception strengthened the band’s experimental approach and enhanced its quirky take on music, all of which inevitably led to the release of “Oi Magoi” in 2014; a psychedelic prog-black metal opus of trippy melodies and satyric aura. Followed by “Mayhem in Blue” in 2016, the band’s signature sound was solidified, and at the same time expanded into more agressive territories, without abandoning the group’s trademark  psychedelic-infused melodies. 

Since 2018, the trio has been joined full-time by its live members, and began composing music for a new album, completed late 2019, and regarded by Hail Spirit Noir as the next step in their ongoing evolution, this time with an 80s twist.

Hail Spirit Noir commented on the signing: “We are very excited to be joining forces with Agonia Records, a label dedicated to high quality extreme music and home for artists such as Hour of Penance, Pestilence, In Mourning etc. The band’s forthcoming album will follow later this year. Stay tuned for more details”.

Haris - synths 
Theoharis - guitars, vocals 
J. Demian - bass, acoustic guitars
Sakis Bandis - synths
Cons Marg - vocals
Foivos Chatzis - drums