GOAD to release new studio album “La Belle Dame” on May 7th 2021

GOAD La Belle Dame cover
The echoes of nearly 50 years of history are impressive, but GOAD face this incredible new musical adventure absolutely hungry for new emotions. We are ready to unveil the details of “La Belle Dame” a great opera dedicated to the ballad written by the English poet John Keats and the first album with My Kingdom Music.

“La Belle Dame” will be released on May 7th, 2021, and here you can view the amazing cover and the complete tracklist with the titles of the 14 jewels of the album below.

“La Belle Dame” is now available to pre-order in CD, Deluxe Box edition, 2xLP (release date for 2LP format is July 16th) here.

Welcome to a new milestone along the band’s artistic path.

1. The Haunted Palace In The Poe’ Land
2. The Queen of the Valley
3. The Man in the Dreamland
4. Magic Stairway pt. 1
5. Magic Stairway pt. 2
6. Magic Stairway pt. 3
7. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 1
8. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 2
9. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 3
10. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 4
11. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 5
12. The Sweetness of the Pain pt. 1
13. The Sweetness of the Pain pt. 2
14. The Sweetness of the Pain pt. 3

GOAD is a great Italian Progressive Rock band and the new “La Belle Dame” will confirm their sophisticated, deep and magic sound in a new dimension going to thrill lovers of the dark, atmospheric music of Van Der Graaf Generator, King Crimson, Genesis, PFM, Procol Harum, leading you through a dark labyrinths of emotions thanks to a majestic and elegiac lyrical approach and the vintage poetic sound of Riccardo Innocenti’s production.