FrazyL to release debut album “Mon Odyssée” on January 21st 2022

FrazyL Mon Odyssée cover
Canadian Dungeon Synth solo project FrazyL has signed a licensing deal with Epictronic for the debut album “Mon Odyssée”, due for release on January 21st, 2022.

Signing statement:
“I am glad to announce that FrazyL, my solo synth music project, has signed a record deal with the Italian label Epictronic. I am happy and proud to have the opportunity, with this partnership, to take a step further into sharing my music. This will allow me to release my first album. It is a pleasure to work with this great professional team”.

About “Mon Odyssée”:
“"Mon Odyssée" concept is inspired by Homer’s epic poem Odyssee. Not only the Greek mythology is explored in this album but Celtic and Nordic ones too. It’s based in the wild winter lands formerly called Nouvelle-France where my ancestors settled centuries ago. Every song is driven by the philosophical and mystical aspects that those myths and ancestral history inspired me.

"Mon Odyssée" is created as a progressive soundtrack. It begins with an introspective atmosphere and it builds up toward a more epic ambience. Exploring different styles, from Neoclassical, to Dungeon Synth and Dark Ambient, this journey invites you to let yourself be carried away in music through European heritage”.

Check out an album teaser below

1. Vercingétorix Face à l’Empire
2. L’Initiation Mystique d’Odin
3. La Marche des Spectres dans le Blizzard
4. Les Mystères d’Éleusis
5. Prière en Nouvelle-France
6. Perdu dans les Dédales du Minotaure
7. La Grande Traversée
8. Orphée, Eurydice & les Lamelles d’Or

Jérôme R. Desrosiers played drums in different Black Metal and Death Metal bands, performing shows, and releasing albums. In the late 90s, while discovering Burzum, Mortiis and Wongraven, he has the the idea to start writing his own music got to his mind. He bought an old synthesizer and began composing his first tunes, inspired by classical music and movie soundtracks. He decided to quit all the bands in 2009 to only dedicate to his own work, without compromises. The same year, under the name Vril-Ya, he released an independent goth metal album called “Émergence”. Even if Jérôme regularly composed synth music for over 20 years, creating many songs, he never revealed any of them. It was at the beginning of 2018 that he finally decided to show his work, kept in the dark for so long. He shared his most recent tracks on the Internet. FrazyL was born. A synth solo project based on various interests and inspirations. The musical originality led people's attention towards it. Early in 2021, an Italian radio broadcasted FrazyL. Shortly after, Epictronic showed its interest and offered him the opportunity to take another step ahead. The project of a first album rised, and this partnership has made it possible.