Drop On Glass to release debut full-length album “Light as a Feather” on November 26th 2021

Drop On Glass Light as a Feather cover
WormHoleDeath Records are delighted to announce that one-man band Drop On Glass has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of the album “Light as a Feather”.

“Light as a Feather” is due for release on November 26th, 2021, via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Lorenzo Carlini stated:
“I’m so excited to publish this album because for the first time Iʼm the only member of a music project: author, composer and producer of lyrics and music of the whole album. It has not been easy, I’ve published other albums with my other bands as Black Therapy and Invernoir, but in those situations everyone has his precise role in the project and more people manage the work based on what they are best at.

This album is my return to Rock music after an excursion lasted for years in the metal scene (that still goes on) and thanks to this period I had the chance to see and to hear the music of a lot of different bands. I was lucky enough to share the same stage with some of them, for a single show or for long tours, so I could listen to music that enriched me and influenced my music and my sound and "Drop on Glass" represents one of these personal musical expressions. The themes and the atmospheres of the album are dreamlike and melancholic, with a sound that ranges from Dream-Rock to Indie and Pop, sometimes combined with romanticism or dramatic theatricality. Music, to be defined as such, must convey a message and the heart of the album is that pain is part of our existence, it is an important and necessary feeling just like all the other human feelings and it can’t be canceled, ignored or avoided because it has always existed and there is no man in the world that doesnʼt have to deal with it. We are not the only ones who suffer, we are not alone, weird or different than anybody else, we are simply human beings. I want to thank Carlo Bellotti and the staff of WormHoleDeath Records, that has immediately expressed great interest in my album. I’m proud that a "one-man band" as mine, without a long story behind, drew the attention of a label of such a high level. I hope this will be only the beginning of a long path!”...

Check out a brief album teaser below.

01. Taste of Hope
02. My Desires Fault
03. Like You
04. Without
05. Defeat
06. Isole
07. Missed Dreams
08. The Maximum Sentence
09. Black and White

Drop On Glass is a one-man band born in 2016. Before moving towards this genre I spent years in the metal scene with bands like Black Therapy (Revelave records, Apostasy records, Black Lion records), Invernoir ( Solitude production, Funere), and session-man for Shores of Null (Candlelight, Spinefarm), I released several albums and I took part in various European and non-European tours. The first two-track Drop on Glass demo was released and self-produced in 2018, now the first full-length album is ready to be released.