Demande à la Poussière to release new studio album “Quiétude Hostile” on March 26th 2021

Demande à la Poussière Quiétude Hostile cover
With Demande à la Poussière you enter into a Post Apocalyptic universe made by thick, sludgy and groove-laden guitar lines, vicious and intense vocals, obsessive rhythmic section at the limit of paranoia.

Quiétude Hostile” is expected to be one of “the next big things” within the Apocalyptic Doom and Post Black Metal movements, and, without hyperbole, it will be one of the albums you cannot give up.

The cover artwork was realised by Aurelie Raidron with the layout of 3stan.

Sophomore DALP’s album will see the light on March 26th, 2021, on CD, LP, Deluxe Edition and digital format and you can pre-order it here.

1. Léger Goût De Soufre
2. Morphème
3. Éréthisme
4. Quiétude Hostile
5. Perdu
6. Bois De Justice
7. L’Oubli Du Contrasté
8. Expiravit

Just push your mind beyond every limit to discover new territories with Demande à la Poussière obscure world.