De La Cruz - Street Level on March 22nd 2013

The beginning: in mid 2007 Gold Coast, Australia based guitarist Casey Jones, who had been uploading solo guitar performance videos successfully for several years on Myspace and Youtube, crossed paths with reputable Auckland, New Zealand based hard-rock vocalist Roxxi Catalano. 
At the time Casey was looking to start an 80s style rock band and Roxxi was looking for his perfect line-up after years of searching for the perfect band to front. With Catalano's air-raid siren vocals, street level attitude and Jones fretboard melting riffs and string-searing shred, the pair instantly clicked musically and through a shared passion for 80s arena-style rock and musical respect the dream was started, Jones and Catalano going on to record several demos via the internet over the next few years.
During this period a drummer to front the future band was sought and through mutual friends Jones was introduced to Melbourne hard-hittin, stick twirlin' drummer Lacey Lane, who at the time was drumming for the successful rock band the Black Aces. Roxxi and Casey both agreed out-right based upon skill, passion and showmanship that Lacey would be the drummer of the future, as yet un-named, band. Lacey made a flight up from Melbourne to meet Casey in person, jam some tunes and cement the role as drummer before making the calculated move to follow his rock n roll dream in late 2010. 
In October of 2010 Catalano flew the 2000km distance from New Zealand to Gold Coast, Australia and began writing demo songs with Jones, tracks that would ultimately become included on the first De La Cruz E.P, before officially making the move to live in Australia in mid 2011. Based on the style of the band that was coming to fruition, not only a good solid rock bassist but a second guitarist was required. When this came into consideration Casey had only one guy in mind, Rory Joy, who had also mentioned in the past an interest in starting an 80s style rock band. Rory brought a complimentary guitar style to the band, a level of skill and melodic approach that allows both guitarists to twist and manipulate riffs in a compatible way. This brought the last and vital ingredient of a bass guitarist. 
Initially, and for the first 6 months, the band employed local musician and friend Jakki Jaculli on the bass guitar until his redundancy due to personal issues and his burgeoning career in medicine. The search was back on... All members agreed that the only guy for the job would be local rock musician Grant Daniell, who at the time was frontman for Brisbane hard-rockers Panacea. Jones and Daniell had also shared the stage together in various 80s rock tribute bands. Thus was formed De La Cruz, Catalano, Jones, Lane, Joy and Daniells, and having recently signed to Frontiers Records, the band shows no sign of stopping with the boys currently recording their debut label release and setting their sites firmly on rocking the global arena into 2013.
01. Street Level
02. Girls Go Wild
03. Turn It Up
04. Legions Of Love
05. Gimme Love
06. Cherry Bomb
07. Dreaming
08. Invincible
09. Worlds Collide
10. S.E.X.
11. Set The Night
12. Shine
Roxxi Catalano - Lead Vocals 
Casey Jones - Guitar 
Rory Joy - Guitar 
Grant Daniell - Bass 
Lacey Lane - Drums