Cripta Blue to release self-titled debut album on September 24th 2021

Cripta Blue ST cover
Italy’s up and coming power rock trio, Cripta Blue, who just recently signed a worldwide record deal with Argonauta Records, has finally revealed more details about their upcoming album! The band’s self-titled, first full length record will be out on September 24th, 2021, and available on Vinyl and as Digital formats.

Cripta Blue was formed in 2019 by members of bands like Desert Wizard, Thrash act Rising Dark and Talismanstone. Being no strangers to the heavy music scene, the trio skilfully plays an enthralling and vibrant blend of psych rock, heavy power blues and a remarkable sound of the NWOBHM doom rock era between Blue Cheer, May Blitz and Saint Vitus. The baritone vocals of frontman and bassist Andrea Giuliani are shrouded by acid and fuzz rock soundscapes, full of power blues and with the soul of doom, without any doubt Cripta Blue’s upcoming debut could easily make it on several Best-Of lists by the end of this year.

Today, the trio hailing from Ravenna shared a first single, featuring Witchwood frontman Ricky Dal Pane on guest vocals! The lead singer of the Italian cult band gives the song its authentic and true 70s spirit: “Tombstone” is a perfect example of finest proto doom, that has the psychedelic mood you can’t help but to dive into, gloomy lyrics and the hint of a cult horror classic. Listen to Cripta Blue’s first album single, “Tombstone”, right below.

“We are more than excited to release our first official single "Tombstone" today! We started our musical and twilight journey in a cold night of November 2019, and now our dark creature is finally alive and ready to get unleashed!”, says vocalist and bassist, Andrea Giuliani.

He continues:
“"Tombstone" is just the beginning of Cripta Blue: A new, personal doom and psych sound, that looks back on the past of the dark 70s. No occult lyrics but instead distorted and horrible metaphors of what it means to taste life and to live it sinking deep, surrounded by the living dead...”

The pre-sale of Cripta Blue’s upcoming debut, avaialble as Digital formats and exclusively limited Vinyl due out on September 24th, 2021, through Argonauta Records, has just started here.

01. Mourning Pyre
02. Magickal Ride
03. Tombstone (feat. Ricky Dal Pane from Witchwood)
04. Creepy Eyes
05. Spectral Highway
06. Death Wheelers
07. A Space Tale

Andrea Giuliani – Vocals / Bass
Federico Bocchini – Guitar
Silvio Dalla Valle – Drums