Cold Night For Alligators to release new studio album “The Hindsight Notes” on February 4th 2022

Cold Night For Alligators The Hindsight Notes cover
Forward-thinking prog-metallers Cold Night For Alligators have announced their third full-length album called “The Hindsight Notes”, due for release on February 4th, 2022, via Arising Empire, and just released a new single entitled “Verism”. A masterclass in tight riffing and majestic vocals, “Verism” is another window into the unblemished world of CNFA.
Watch the video for “Verism” (The Black Tornado Session) below. Stream the new single here.
Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, and having previously released two technical prog-metal albums, there has now been a shift in focus to a more uninhibited, and more mature vision within the band, as is proven in the live video which accompanies the latest single. The band on the track and video: “We come from a scene where everything is produced and edited very tightly and doesn’t leave much of a human touch. Everything sounds perfect and we wanted to do something that goes a little bit against this. So for the video, we decided to do a live session with a talented pianist and some cool back-up singers we used on the upcoming record. The song itself is very straightforward, tight, and meticulous, so it was really fun to open up the arrangement a bit - it feels like a different beast and a cool contrast to the studio version”.
Vocalist Johan Pederson also had a slightly different approach to lyrics this time around and says on the lyrics: “This is one of the more meta lyrics I’ve done, where I reflect on the effect of writing about stuff that can feel a bit voyeuristic. Art needs to exhibit the real and thereby also the extreme, ugly, and vulgar. But it can have a harsh psychological effect, as you step into that space mentally. If it’s not my own story I have to get as close as I can emotionally”.
The band on the new album: “This record is the sound of us growing up as people and musicians. Before and during the pandemic, the creative process was a fixed point in a lot of personal chaos, which we tried to channel towards an honest and personal statement. Everything was allowed but also had to be executed to perfection. We brought in a ton of cool collaborators to make this vision come through and truly feel like we made a fully formed record that does not follow trends and does not compromise. Whether it was going softer, more straightforward or more experimental, we made a point to follow where our common creative sensibilities led us. It was a huge amount of work, but the album feels intensely rewarding and personal for that reason”.
Pre-order “The Hindsight Notes” here.

01. Behind Curtains
02. No Connection
03. Verism
04. Water
05. Dusty Patterns
06. Nostalgic
07. Adjust
08. Worn Out Mannequin
09. Thin Line
10. Hindsight

Having toured with the likes of Tesseract and Whitechapel and festival appearances such as Euroblast and UK Techfest under their belts, Cold Night For Alligators are no strangers to the Prog circuit and have recently announced their signing to Arising Empire, for their forthcoming third full-length album due 2022.

Johan Pedersen | vocals
Kristoffer Jessen | guitar
Roar Jakobsen | guitar
Nikolaj Lauszus | drums